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Floating and Sinking


Coke cans

Take 2 cans of coke (diet and normal) or ask your teacher for it. Don’t drink them! Leave them closed.

Take two buckets of water or fill the sink with water. Put both cans in the water.
What happens? Why does it happen like that? Write it all down in the Forum and discuss the things you’ve seen.

Float or sink
You’ve already predicted what happens with different objects. Now try it in real life.

Use these objects:

Wooden spoon
Bar of soap
Plastic ball

Put every object in the sink or in a bucket with water and discover it sinking or floating.
Write down in the Forum what happens with the objects. Why does it happen?

Discuss with your fellow in the Forum about when object sink and when they float

Try to make a rule for objects to predict when it sinks or float. Write it in the Forum in a topic with the name “our rule” with your names.







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