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This cartoon comes from the site: http://www.conceptcartoons.com

Look at the picture and think about the three different opinions given by the children.

Why do they think the way they do?
A The shadows don’t overlap because the sun is the only light source.
B The shadows do overlap because of the contours of the trees.
C The shadows do overlap because the sunbeams come from different positions.

• Open the Forum
• Write your comment on the childrens ideas; explain why the children have their own opinion.
• Compare your ideas with the ideas of your fellow and comment on each others explanations.
• Discuss with each other.
• Formulate final questions you need to answer before you can choose the right opinion.

• Open the box “Experience” and the box “Model and Theory”.
• Try to answer the questions with the support of the new information.
• Open the Forum
• Answer the questions and discuss with your fellow about the right answers.
• Open the Forum
• Choose together with your fellow the right opinion and formulate arguments to support your choice!








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