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Earth and Satelite

Blue earth and the red satelite

Phase 1 the preparing assignment
In five pictures (a,b,c,d,e,) you see the blue earth and a red sattelite.
The arrow shows the direction of the trajectory of the sattelite: At time 0 the sattelite starts and at time 10 the sattelite arrives at the end of the arrow.
Here you see eight possible trajectories.

The question is: which number do you choose so the curve fits as good as possible with the picture a,b,c,d,e?

Write your choice in the table and put it on the Forum

Compare your table with the table of your partner student.

Phase 2
Discussion to convince each other
At the end of your discussion you will have the same opinion about the right numbers in relation with the pictures. And you are able to explain your results to other students in yopur classroom.

Phase 3 real objects

Try to find real objects you can show in relation with your presentation.









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