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Experiment 1

When you click this link you’ll get an Internet site. That site will give you the possibility to make “virtual” electric circuits easily.
• Make the circuits you have just seen and measure the voltage and the current.

The numbers you find here are not the right numbers. The battery in the pictures gives 9 volt and the battery in the “virtual” electric circuit gives 10 volt. But still you can see what numbers the “virtual” circuit are: higher, lower or the same.
• Explain why the numbers you’ve filled in at voltage and current have to be higher, lower or the same.

Experiment 2

• A battery of 9 volt
• Three light bulbs
• Six electric wires
• Multimeter or voltmeter and ammeter

Make the same circuits, but now for real. Perhaps you have seen that the voltmeter must be connected in series and the ammeter parallel. When you don’t know what is meant here, look at the “virtual” circuit and see how the voltmeter and the ammeter are connected.
• Measure the voltage and current with the multimeter on the numbered places and darts.
• Fill in the numbers in the table.
• Do you will be able to make a formula to measure the voltage and current? Explain.
• Connect the light bulbs or resistances not in series but parallel. Do you get entire different numbers? Explain.





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