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Heat and temperature

Experiment 1

You will need:
- two bottles
- cardboard
- hot and cold water
- coloring

- Fill one bottle with cold water and the other with warm water.
Pour a few drops of coloring into the bottle of warm water.
- Put a square cardboard over the top of the bottle with colored water.
Hold the cardboard with one hand.
Turn the bottle over with the other hand.
- Put the bottle with cold water on top of the other bottle.
They must be exactly on top of each other.
Hold the top bottle and pull out the cardboard.
- Hold both bottles like this, without letting the tops slide apart.
Now watch what happens.

Experiment 2

Heat always moves from a place where it is warmer to a place where it is colder. A warm house cools down during a cold night because heat energy moves out of the house and warms the colder air around the house. That's why houses have insulation - to keep the heat in in the winter and to keep it out in the summer! Let's take a look at insulation.

You will need:
• 5 identical ice cubes
• plastic wrap
• newspaper
• aluminum foil
• rubber bands
• scissors

1. Use your scissors to cut each piece of wrapper to the same size for wrapping each ice cube.
2. Wrap four ice cubes with a different wrap but do the wrapping in the same way for each cube.
3. Place each wrapped cube and one unwrapped cube on the same surface and check them every 5 minutes to see which cube melts fastest or slowest.

Which wrapper seemed to cause the cube to take the longest time to melt? Which wrap do you think this was the best insulator?






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